Student musicians are infiltrating the local music scene as talented artists step into the spotlight, ready to perform for audiences and fans.

Brandon Sardi and senior psychology major Dominic Sena decided to blend their passion for music after being involved as solo acts. The result was the formation of the eclectic alternative rock band, Adam and the Plastic.

"So far we've gotten a good response and we've only been doing it for a year," said bass player Sardi.

Although a couple of the band members are students with majors unrelated to the music realm, the band continues to receive accolades from fans and music platforms in Orlando.

In a live-recorded session performed last month at North Avenue Studios for Orlando Weekly, Sena, the lead vocalist and guitar player, initially set a calm mood for the listener before belting out metaphoric melodies, accentuating the layers of drums, guitar and piano.

In the two songs performed, "Destroyer" and "Your Love," green iridescent lighting correlates to the rhythm of the band's thumping fast-paced drums and the high-pitched tune of the synthesizer.

Sardi said the band's creation process starts with melodies written by Sena and continues with the rest of the band members' contributions.

When writing songs, Sena is influenced by many notions, such as challenging people to channel their inner peace or to focus on just having fun, he said.

Wanting to stand against originality being rejected by a vain society, Sena named the band by tying a biblical reference, Adam, with the secular representation of materialism, plastic.

"We are legitimately just having fun with it," Sena said. "People get stuck with whatever's trending, but we have a lot of fun and we're doing it regardless."

Throughout the summer, Adam and the Plastic is looking forward to performing for larger crowds at the indie club and concert venue The Social and recording more songs at the studio.

Aside from bands, there are other types of artists stirring up the Orlando music scene, such as Bradley Hutsell who takes the stage as a "one-man band."

Hustell, a junior human communication major, is a country singer who started singing at the age of 14, but didn't start performing until 19.

"I think I've been writing songs before I picked up a guitar," he said. "I write about situations that are heavy on my mind. I'll write it down to make it sound good."

Coming from a family of musicians, he said he taught himself how to play the guitar and he's made connections in the music industry with the help of his brother.

In the beginning of the summer, Hutsell performed in Valdosta, Georgia, to open for country music artists Adam Sanders and Chris Lang.

While enjoying his new-found passion for performing, Hutsell makes sure to prioritize his time by balancing school and music.

"The toughest part for me is that I can graduate first before I can dig into [music]," Hutsell said. "I make sure my school stuff is done first. School is more important."

Throughout the summer, Hustell is performing every Friday at Saddle Up, a country bar located in Downtown Orlando, and is looking forward to recording a demo.

He hopes to grab the attention of more fans so he can have more opportunities to take his show on the road.

"I love to write and perform my own music," he said. "I thoroughly enjoy it. It's something I have fun doing."


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