Comic book collector Margaret O'Malley combines her passion for comics with crafting, creating couture high heels and clutches.

While searching on Pinterest for a potential new craft to make and looking for something she would be able to use, O'Malley stumbled across a DIY tutorial for comic book heels.

In the spring, she took a trip to Goodwill on the search for a pair of heels she could decoupage and craft into something unique.

"Making the heels is fun for me, crafting is the way I like to unwind and de-stress on the weekends. As a comic book fan, it seemed like the perfect craft for me. I would be able to use the shoes I bought and some leftover comics I had used for another project," senior marketing major O'Malley said.

When creating the heels and clutches, O'Malley decides on a theme first by picking a color and focal pieces and cutting several pages with them on it. With Mod Podge and a water resistant spray, she puts all the pieces together.

As a comic book collector, O'Malley's theme ideas came from some of the comic book issues she had and issues she wasn't particularly attached to. The pair she made for herself was created with an Avengers theme.

This Pinterest-influenced idea inspired not only the hobby but also an Etsy shop, which has her crafted shoes and clutches available, with more she is hoping to add soon. The shop can be found by searching for "ComiCouture."

O'Malley also takes custom orders, as advertised on the Facebook group Glam Girl all Day and Knight.

"It made the most sense to do custom orders so that I could cater to each individual customer and make a product they would want. That way they are truly customized to each individual's wants," O'Malley said.

Customers have the freedom to come up with a theme or character. They can also use heels they already own.

"I had a pair of heels that were really comfortable to wear, but hated how they looked. I gave them to [O'Malley] and she turned them into these awesome heels that were Black Widow themed," UCF graduate Ariel Brown said.

Prices are based on average costs similar to other items found on Etsy, how much the materials cost and the amount of time and work that goes into making each pair.

"She takes so much time and care to make everything. I love that they're custom. You couldn't find these in any store because she makes them to whatever theme you want," Brown said.


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