Breaking Boundaries

Sept. 3 to Sept. 25

Rather than featuring large canvas art, this three-week exhibit will spotlight smaller works, ranging from sketches to musical scores. The show, in partnership with New Smyrna Beach’s Atlantic Center for the Arts, will commemorate the center’s 20th anniversary and collect works by master artists who have trained artists-in-residence at ACA.

“It’s called ‘Breaking Boundaries’ because the artworks which are included are what you usually don’t see,” said gallery director Yulia Tikhonova. “The artwork is not the finished product, not the end product. It’s more of a preliminary thought, like sketches and considerations.”

Much of the artwork was created while the master artists were training residents at ACA and away from their studios, and the exhibit will highlight the artists’ thought processes and how they function outside of their studios.

“When [the master artists] come to Florida [ACA], they bring small albums and sketchbooks. So all the drawings are rather intimate,” Tikhonova said.

Guitars in the Gallery: A Blend of Sight and Sound

Sept. 5, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

This live performance at the gallery will feature Beemo, an independent, Orlando-based bluegrass indie-rock band founded by UCF mechanical engineering alumnus Dan Harshbarger.

“Every song we write is different. Someone brings an idea to the table, and everyone brings a unique perspective to what they’re hearing. Even though one person may predominantly write one of the songs, it’s heavily shaped by the independent layers everyone brings to the song,” said Harshbarger, who is a Lockheed Martin engineer by day and singer-songwriter by night.

Witness: Picturing Social Justice with Sue Thompson

Sept. 27 to Oct. 9

Winter Garden-based photographer and UCF art alumna Sue Thompson will bring what she’s witnessed after traveling to war-torn areas around the world.

“The problems in the world seem overwhelming,” Thompson said. “I see these people who are hungry, and I can take a photo, and that can explain [their situations] and open someone’s heart. That is what I can say is successful.”

Having extensively traveled throughout Middle Eastern counties such as Palestine, Syria and Tunisia during the Arab Spring, Thompson said her empathy is what led her to keep photographing, despite the risk.

“Oppression — I’m really sensitive to it. Whether it’s here or anywhere in the world,” Thompson said.

“She doesn’t stage her photos, she doesn’t make the situations more nice or more dangerous,” Tikhonova said. “She stays true to events and true to people. This very sincere and truthful view of the world makes her work very compelling and attractive.”

UCF Faculty Show

Oct. 15 to Oct. 30

From sculptures and photographs to paintings, the annual UCF Faculty Show will feature a diverse range of works done by the School of Visual Arts and Design.

“We have a very multi-disciplinary faculty,” Tikhonova said, adding that the eclectic selection of mediums is due to the multi-talented professors present in the SVAD.

Details are still being finalized for the show, but the free-admission opening reception is slated for Oct. 15 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


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