UCF is currently in third place for the Victoria Secret's PINK Nation Campus Showdown, which could bring a campus party like no other.

After qualifying in the top 25 out of 97 schools competing in the showdown by passing the PINK Qualifying Challenge, UCF is now eligible to proceed to rounds one through three.

The showdown is officially kicking off with Round 1: Insta Love. The goal is to get as many "likes" as possible on the UCF logo photo on the @PINKCampusShowdown Instagram account. Interested participants can "like" the photo until midnight Sept. 1.

Round two is Snapchat Spirit, which opened midnight Sept. 1 and will last until midnight Sept 2. Participants will be instructed to screenshot their campus logo on the vspink Snapchat account.

Moving to Twitter, round three is Twitter Tug O' War. From midnight Sept. 2 to midnight Sept. 3, participants will be able to tweet up a storm using #PINKGameOn with their school's hashtag.

According to, the winning school of each three rounds, plus the school with the highest aggregate score, qualifies for the Final Championship round.

The Final Championship round is the Crazy Tap Race. Participants of the top four schools are going to have sore thumbs as they try to out-tap the others in the competition by clicking a button in the PINK app repeatedly.

The goal is to get as many taps as possible in 24 hours starting midnight Sept. 3 to midnight Sept. 4.


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