Four years after launching his first business venture, the creator and founder of Party Tutor has grown and matured, along with his mission to protect everyone’s right to party — well, at least inform people on where, when and for what price to do it.

But this time, business graduate Brent Henderson hopes to attract a broader crowd for a more comprehensive listing of entertainment options with the launch of his new app, Zupp.

The app, which is compatible with iOS devices, provides an all-inclusive feed of nighttime venues in the Downtown Orlando area with corresponding details, including cover and drink specials information, in real time.

“We understand how important time and having instant access to information is for people, so we’re focused on satisfying that need,” Henderson said. “By helping you decide what you’re doing tonight as quickly and effectively as possible.”

While Party Tutor appealed to a college demographic, Zupp’s audience has expanded to include anyone wishing to discover the city, said Eddy Palermo, director of partnerships.

“It’s not to cancel out the college students, they’re definitely going to be incorporated, it’s just college students, plus the young professionals and on,” he said.

The Downtown Orlando launch marks the app’s first appearance, but the Zupp team plans to expand the service to other areas of Orlando including International Drive and Winter Park, and eventually other major metropolitan cities, including Miami and New York.

“The end goal is to be the source of event entertainment info for all of the big cities of the world, so instead of trying to scour around the different sources on the Internet, you just use Zupp anywhere you are in the world,” Palermo said.

Palermo also said that Orlando has been the perfect place to launch for two specific reasons.

“Both the city government and different business entities have this parallel vision to make Orlando a tech hub, an arts and culture city, so from the business side of it, it’s absolutely perfect and from the user side of it as well because there really is a push to have Orlando be something more than the parks,” he said. “And then the second reason is because of the size. It’s the perfect size to launch an app like this because it’s not massive, so that helps a lot in our ability to test out our ability.”

Henderson said there are more than 70 nighttime venues downtown.

“There’s much potential for exploration that people may not have even known about, so the app is going to help people start exploring what the city has to offer,” Henderson said. “There is that element of Orlando that makes this a really good market to start in.”

With the purpose of better reaching its market, the Zupp team has made the app available for free on the App Store.

“The No. 1 most important thing for us to do right now is provide the best experience of our users in helping them find out what’s going on, and to do that it has to be free,” Henderson said. “If it’s not free, it’s a barrier to helping people go out and experience the city.”


Daniela Marin is the Entertainment Editor for the Central Florida Future.

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