The Meatball Shoppe serves traditional Italian fare with a non-traditional concept. The restaurant offers a wide variety of meatballs, sauces, salads and sides that will please any palette.

“Our concept is very simple. First, you’re going to choose your meatballs. Then you’re going to choose your sauce, and you’re going to choose your sides. And you can pretty much do any kind of combination you’d like,” said Chef Isabella Morgia di Vicari, owner and operator of The Meatball Shoppe.

Customers can order their meatballs over pasta, or as a meatball smash, which is The Meatball Shoppe’s take on the meatball sub. Its newest menu option is the Knights Buffalo Bleu Chicken meatball, in honor of UCF. It offers weekly specials and free delivery to the UCF campus as well as a 10 percent discount to students.

Where: Northwest corner of Lake Underhill and Goldenrod @ 7325 Lake Underhill Road

Price Range: Under $10

Type of Cuisine: Italian

Recommended dish: Nona’s Traditional Meatball in roasted tomato sauce


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