The Miuccio Brothers have more than 769,000 followers on Vine — along with a full college course load.

It all started when the UCF sibling trio had their mom record them grinding on the grass to a Pretty Ricky song two years ago. They posted the video to Vine, and just like that, they went viral.

By the end of the day, the account went from having roughly 300 followers to nearly 20,000.

At the time, only one of the brothers, Vincent “Vin” Miuccio, had a Vine account. Now, all three do, in addition to their shared account, “The Miuccio Brothers,” which currently has 780,000 followers on the video sharing app.

Vin, a senior general business major, said he planned that first video with his brothers because he had noticed trends on the app.

He and Nick Miuccio, a senior health sciences student, said they anticipated the video would be popular before even posting it.

“I just thought that that was what the Internet wants to see. Three brothers with their shirts off doing crazy stuff,” Nick said.

But brother Joe Miuccio said he wasn’t too sure of what they were doing at first, but did it to go along with his brothers.

“I didn’t really care. I didn’t even really know what Vine was,” said the junior general business major. “I think people kind of look up to us in a way, I guess, because of how close we are. And I think that’s why it blew up, because we were three brothers. Maybe if we were three friends we wouldn’t have gotten as big.”

But despite how big they got, the Miuccio brothers insist that they continue to be just three brothers.

“People think we’re something else sometimes,” Joe said. “Sometimes they think that we’re like rich because we have a certain amount of followers, but really, it’s not like that.”

With almost 800,000 followers on Vine, the brothers said they were once embarrassed after being recognized by fans in their ’98 Chevy Lumina. The Miuccio’s said their dad jokes with them about needing a nicer car now that they’ve reached a certain level of fame.

Though they do make some money through the social networks, the brothers said they have internships and jobs.

“It’s not our parents — we all pay for our own stuff: our own phone bills, our own rent, our own food, our own schooling,” Joe said.

For now, they said they are just trying to ride this “fame” as long as they can while in pursuit of their future.

Nick is currently captain of the UCF Surf Team, and Joe, who just recently joined, said he hopes to gain enough points to be on the A team and compete in California.

The 100-percent Italian brothers said they spend most of their time in each other’s company, and are excited for what the future holds — possibly in California.

You can find The Miuccio Brothers on Vine and YouTube at “The Miuccio Brothers,” and on Tumblr at


Brianna Ordenes is a Contributing Writer for the Central Florida Future.

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