In an attempt to gain more excitement back for UCF football, a Downtown Orlando bar is using a promotion that may get Knights fans more pumped during games: free beer.

After regrouping from Saturday's South Carolina loss that put UCF 0-4, The Basement Orlando general manager Logan Berkowitz wanted to "do something crazy," so he came up with an idea and shared it with his team Monday morning.

Until the Knights can score their win of the season, the bar will be providing free beer for visitors during the game.

"We care about UCF. It's disappointing to see a lack of attendance and lack of excitement ... we're hoping we can turn it around," said Berkowitz, who was also the 2008 UCF SGA president.

The promotion will begin during Oct. 3's game, when the Knights head to New Orleans to take on the Tulane Green Wave.

While the financial status of the bar may be in question due to when UCF will win its first game of the season, director of marketing Jake Whitacre said the bar is ready for the worst possible season outcome.

"We are fully prepared if we lose every game this season. Although, now we have another reason to hope that doesn't happen," Whitacre said.

Even though Berkowitz doesn't think UCF will continue to lose, his goal for the bar is to create a lively environment and see fans more excited for the season.

"We want to make sure people have a good time, win or lose," Berkowitz said.

The free-beer promotion will start at kickoff and last until the end of the game.

The Basement is located on 68 E. Pine St., Orlando.


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