Orlando is the fourth-best city to spend Valentine's Day, according to 2016's Best and Worst Cities for Valentine's Day report from

Orlando placed No. 1 in four categories, including number of jewelry stores, number of florists, number of restaurants and number of specialty stores per capita.

Orlando fell short behind San Francisco, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Honolulu on the overall rankings.

Given the cooler temperatures of Florida's winter, Orlando also placed No. 53 on the 'Valentine's Day Weather Forecast'. The best city based on forecast was Scottsdale.

Results were computed by analyzing the 100 most populated cities across four dimensions: budget, activities, gift accessibility and Valentine's Day forecast. estimated that in 2016, "the average lovebird will spend $136.84 and nearly $20 billion collectively to show just how fat our hearts are." Traditionally, men spend more money on Valentine's Day.

Not looking to spend a fortune on the holiday? Ayalla Ruvio, the assistant professor of marketing  at Michigan State University, gave some tips to about how to save this Valentine's Day.

"Studies have demonstrated that spending money on experiences make consumers happier than spending it on material possessions," said Ruvio. "My tip would be to spend it in a way that enables you to experience and truly celebrate your love and relationship ... make the moment last. Not the dollar."


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