The place: Bar Louie
The vibe: This is the most sophisticated restaurant on the list. Perfect for college students and young professionals alike. Described as “upscale bar food.” 
The order: Fried Louie Burger with loaded tots
The review: For college students, walking into Bar Louie is a breath of fresh air. It exudes class, and it’s the kind of place where napkins must be put in laps. The interior is clean, the tables are shiny and there are people sitting around dressed in business-casual attire. The menu however, is very affordable forcollege students’ small budgets. I ordered the Fried Louie Burger. This delicious creation has bacon, cheddar, lettuce and tomatoes and is topped off with a fried egg. My server recommended that I upgrade my meal and get the loaded tots, which I gladly did. The burger itself was somewhat ordinary. The toppings really made it standout. All the ingredients were very fresh, and my egg was cooked a perfect over medium. The loaded tots were really what made the meal fantastic. They were hands down the best tater tots I’ve ever had, and possibly even the best side dish I’ve ever had. They were delectably crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and were topped with cheese, crispy bacon, green onion, carrots and jalapenos. I was worried that it would taste soggy or have too many elements to make a cohesive dish, but boy was I wrong. My overall meal was delicious.

The place: Burger U
The vibe: This is a casual, laid-back restaurant located in the UCF Plaza. It’s the perfect place to go grab food with friends and watch a game on one of the several TVs.
The order: Angus burger with cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise with sweet potato fries and marshmallow dipping sauce
The review: Burger U is the kind of place where you can kick back and relax. The casual, sports-driven atmosphere is perfect for the college crowd. After a UCF football game, hungry fans head to Burger U. I ordered a classic Angus burger with sweet potato waffle fries with marshmallow dipping sauce. The patty was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, which is the perfect texture on a burger. The saltiness of the burger mixed with the sweetness of the sweet potato fries made for a perfect bite.

The place: BurgerFi
The vibe:  BurgerFi, a sleek and modern all-natural burger restaurant 
The order: The CEO Burger with classic French fries
The review: BurgerFi uses fresh, all-natural ingredients in its kitchens. BurgerFi is a great choice for UCF students who are looking for restaurants that offer items made from fresh ingredients. Burger Fi is currently the fastest growing all-natural burger franchise in America, and it has several locations near college campuses. Outside, the color scheme is bright green with green and gray tables and chairs outside. Inside, the décor is a mixture of modern and classic, with wood paneled walls and sleek gray tables. I ordered the CEO burger, which is the newest item on the BurgerFi menu. It is a double Waygu and brisket blend burger that has a homemade candied-bacon tomato jam with aged Swiss cheese and truffle aioli. I had my burger with a side of freshly prepared classic French fries. The French fries were crispy and tender. The CEO burger was mouth-wateringly good. The bun was soft and the meat was nice and juicy. The bun was the best bun out of all the burger restaurants. It was light and fluffy. This is a great choice for students who prefer natural ingredients.


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