About Us:

The Central Florida Future has been UCF's independent student newspaper since 1968.

Following decades of journalistic tradition, the CFF strives to bring high-quality, reliable and accurate reporting straight to students. From breaking news to sports and entertainment, the Future is your source for the things that matter to students, alumni, faculty and the many diverse individuals who make up this incredible university.

The CFF publishes a free weekly tab every Thursday, which is distributed on stands throughout the main campus and at businesses in the immediate area. However, we operate online 24 hours per day, seven days per week with fresh content posted daily.

Our History:

The Central Florida Future has been on campus since the very first day of classes in 1968. However, back in the 60s, UCF wasn't UCF. It was a growing college known then as Florida Technological University. Geared toward training students to fill the growing space industry just east of the school, FTU had its roots in aerospace, but that doesn't mean it didn't have its fair share of writers.

The CFF began as just The Future and was based off the name FTU (FuTUre). Eventually, that name evolved, as did the campus, adding on the name Central Florida following the switch to the name University of Central Florida.

Since then, the CFF has grown in both size, staff and circulation. The paper now services the more than 60,000 students at the university and operates under media powerhouse, Gannett. The CFF is run completely by students, but is owned and operated as a subsidiary of the Florida Today newspaper in Brevard, which is also a Gannett product.

Our Reputation:

The Central Florida Future has a long history of being an award-winning publication, with hundreds of accolades under its belt. Our goal here at the CFF is to not only provide top-tier journalism to our student body, but to also deliver news and entertainment about the topics that make campus buzz. We take pride in our ethics and will NEVER make up facts that are not sourced. We are your reliable UCF news source, and we aim to keep it that way.

Our Staff:

A news source would be nothing without teamwork, which is exactly how the Central Florida Future operates. Our staff is made up of 11 individuals, all who play vital roles in our operation. A managing editor makes up the 11th position and is a full-time Gannett employee who oversees the staff. Following that position comes the editor-in-chief who is responsible for leading the news teams. Editors for the sports, entertainment and news sections are also leaders among the staff. The rest of the positions are known as digital producers, who become the heartbeat of the operation, creating the content you see displayed each and every day.

The CFF also has tiers of contributors who are students from all sorts of backgrounds. Senior staff members are writers who have been hired to provide consistent content. Staff members are writers who have earned the title from a track record of contribution, and contributing writers are made up of new writers getting their journalistic feet wet for the first time.

All students are welcome to write for the CFF and are encouraged to get involved by contacting a staff member listed on the Contact Us page.

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The CFF can be found across most social media platforms.

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