With so many local bars closing, students might have to drive a little farther for a nice cold one. And if you're not smart, a UCF police officer might just be the one giving you a lift from the bar — and they won't be dropping you off at home.

That's right. The UCF Police Department is cracking down on DUI enforcement through Sept. 1, said Courtney Gilmartin, UCF PD public information officer.

"UCF Police officers will focus on traffic and pedestrian violations," Gilmartin said. "Police may issue citations or arrest violators, and suspensions will be issued to drivers under the age of 21 with an alcohol level of .02 or above."

The intensified wave of enforcement will also seek to remind new and returning students of the dangerous and deadly consequences of drinking and driving.

Driving under the influence is not only against federal law but also UCF's policies.

"A DUI is a violation of UCF's Golden Rule, meaning that students who are charged with a DUI are subject to the Office of Student Conduct's review process," Gilmartin said.

UCF PD recommends choosing a sober designated driver or taking a cab to ensure everybody gets home safe.

UCF offers a Safe Ride program that can be utilized once every 30 days and grants students a free cab ride. To redeem a Safe Ride voucher, visit the UCF ticket center.

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