UCF is looking to the world stage with a new commercial that will air during football games.

A contrast from last year's emphasis on campus luxury, this year's video focuses on innovation, history and "redefining possibility."

The 30-second video was released on YouTube Monday.

"Great things happen when one of the nation's largest universities is in one of the world's most popular cities," the video description states. "Together, UCF and Orlando attract some of the brightest minds and innovative companies."

In the video, athletics, tradition and partnerships with companies such as NASA are all emphasized. Students who developed a prosthetic arm for a child in need were also showcased in the promo.

"Our community knows that UCF and Orlando enjoy a special partnership. Now, we want the country to know how UCF and Orlando are creating a dynamic and vibrant place to live, learn, work and play," UCF spokesman Grant Heston said.

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