The UCF Police Department began a wave of intensified DUI enforcement this past month that led to 17 total arrests, nine of which were students.

The first arrest, which occurred at Alafaya Trail and University Boulevard on Aug. 16, involved a student coming from friend's house, according to information provided by UCFPD public information officer Courtney Gilmartin. Other students arrested were reported to be coming from a dorm room, a friend's house, a girlfriend's house, The Retreat at Orlando and an anthropology meeting. Two students were also reported as coming from Knight's Pub.

Three non-students were coming from Knight's Pub, one from downtown and one from The Mad Hatter. It is unknown where the remaining arrestees were driving from.

Three of the arrests took place on campus, in parking garage B, parking lot B15 and Gemini Boulevard.

The wave took place from Aug. 13 to Sept. 1 to remind students of the dangerous and deadly consequences of drinking and driving.

"From UCFPD's perspective, the goal is to keep drunk drivers off the road and prevent people from getting hurt," Gilmartin said. "Through this wave, we're reminding students and others in our community that it's simply not OK to drink and drive."

Driving under the influence is not only against federal law but also UCF's policies.

"A DUI is a violation of UCF's Golden Rule, meaning that students who are charged with a DUI are subject to the Office of Student Conduct's review process," Gilmartin said.

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