UCF welcomed Herman Cain to campus once again Wednesday night.

The former Republican presidential candidate who once said that "America is run by stupid people" spoke in the Cape Florida Ballroom from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. He was speaking through an event put on by WDBO 96.5, the local radio station that airs his nationally syndicated show "Cain 24/7."

Cain previously visited UCF in 2012 as a part of his College Truth Tour.

He spent the first hour talking about issues he sees as crucial to the current state of the nation, with topics ranging from the economy to Obamacare to taxation. Then he began answering questions. Some questions had been sent in by people who listen to his radio program, and others were a part of a "Rapid Fire Round," with questions from the audience.

Notable questions included how he would handle the current situation with extremist group ISIS.

"I never would have let it get this far," Cain said

Additionally, he said he supported privatizing students loans and was unsure if he'd ever run for president again.

"While I won't say never, I will only run again if it's God's will," he said.

Cain spent the remaining time clearing up any misconceptions that the audience, both at UCF and around the nation, might have had about him. During that time, he denied allegations of sexual misconduct that brought down his campaign in 2011.

He ended saying he still thinks that America is run by stupid people.

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