While students reach for the stars during the day in classes, on Saturday night they can gaze at them too.

Over at Knights Plaza, weather permitting, the International Observe the Moon Night event from 8 p.m to 10 p.m. will allow stargazers to take in some lunar landscape. The event is open to the public and is free. However, parking fees still apply.

With the help of provided telescopes, guests may be able to spot craters, mountains and lava pits as well as other celestial objects. Yan Fernandez, director of the on-campus Robinson Observatory, also said that Mars and Saturn will likely be viewable at the event.

"Since it's an international event and we have a campus observatory and astronomy group, we thought it'd be good to participate since we do a lot of outreach like this," said Fernandez, who is also an associate professor with the physics department.

But the event isn't just for the older crowd. According to a press release from UCF News and Information, the event will also have specific activities for children, such as star charts and an astrological take on where's Waldo where children can try and find the Apollo moon landing sites.

"We're very excited," Fernandez said in the release."A lot of us remember looking at the night sky through telescopes as children and being in awe of what we saw, like the moon, our nearest neighbor. We want to make sure children in Central Florida have that same opportunity."

Potential guests are encouraged to check the Robinson Observatory website or Facebook page by 6 p.m. that evening to confirm whether or not the skies will be clear enough for the event.

Knights Plaza is located next to the CFE Arena on campus.

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