It's no secret that Florida is a hotbed for crazy headlines, but what were some of the craziest we saw this week? Here's a list of four wild stories recently reported in the Sunshine State:

Fisherman hooks giant shrimp

A Fort Pierce man has a whale of a tale after catching a shrimp nearly 18 inches long, according to a post on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Facebook page, MyFWC. Scientists believe that the catch may be a type of mantis shrimp, a marine crustacean normally around a foot in length.

"Steve Bargeron was fishing from a dock in Fort Pierce as he watched a fellow fisherman pull this creature out of the water. Steve said the massive thing was about 18 inches long and striking its own tail, so he grabbed it by its back like a lobster," the FWC Facebook states.

Cop's girlfriend arrested in crack-fueled gun theft

Sgt. Jamie Rocque is going to need a new girlfriend. Amanda Masdon, 31, was arrested Wednesday and accused of "facilitating the theft of four of his guns" after an evening spent smoking crack and delivering drugs, according to a report by Florida Today on Friday. Rocque has been suspended without pay while investigation continues.

You stole my pot!

A woman called 911 to report the theft of her marijuana, according a report from WBBH NBC News-2. Mariah Massad placed a call to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office after a facebook rendezvous with an old friend went awry, leaving her 10 grams of pot and $800 dollars poorer. The report states had intended to sell the marijuana.

Burglar tries to break a deal after being caught in the act

Bryan Remley picked the wrong house to rob. When homeowner Joseph Cihak came out of his room to use the bathroom, he caught Remley going through his belongings. Cihak held Remley at gunpoint until police arrived. According to a story in the Tampa Bay Times, Remley tried to bargain with Cihak, offering to mow his lawn if the homeowner let him go. Remley is currently being held on charges of armed burglary and violation of probation.

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