The UCF chapter of Young Americans for Liberty will be setting up a free speech wall on Wednesday to protest the effects of free assembly zones.

The YAL chapter invites UCF students to celebrate their First Amendment rights and protest in open debate and free discourse in front of the Student Union from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Through this protest, YAL hopes to address the fact that students don't have freedom of speech on college campuses, except in designated places called free assembly zones, according to a press release from YAL.

YAL wishes to protest this "dangerous mode of thinking."

Layne Garrett, YAL UCF secretary, said the chapter's personal idea behind the free speech wall is to protest against the idea that students should have to go to a specific zone in order to practice free speech.

"We feel as though it ought to be the other way around," Garrett said. "There should be certain zones where [free speech] is not allowed."

Some of the eight areas on campus that "shall be deemed 'free assembly areas' for the conduct of political activity and other exercises of free speech" include in front of the Student Union, in front of the Math and Physics Building and the grassy area between the John T. Washington Center and Howard Phillips Hall, according to UCF documents.

"We have free assembly zones, not free speech zones, and the zones do not apply to students," said UCF spokesman Chad Binette in an email.

Binette said students may demonstrate or assemble anywhere on campus, as long as they aren't interfering with classes and university activities, infringing on the rights of others or obstructing traffic.

On Wednesday, YAL will have a board set up in the free assembly zone in front of the Student Union where a broad statement will be displayed to invite people to exercise their free speech rights.

"It will be sort of a celebration of freedom of speech in both the more negative and more positive aspects," Garrett said.

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