UCF student Victoria King's trial started on Tuesday, and she is charged with resisting arrest. Courtesy UCF News and Information


A former UCF student was found guilty by a jury Friday for resisting arrest in an incident last year in which a UCF police officer broke her car window.

The incident occurred on Sept. 4, 2013 after Timothy Isaac, a UCF police officer, reported he had to break the driver's side window of Victoria King's vehicle after she refused to roll it down during a traffic stop.

King could face up to two years in jail.

According to a video released by the UCF Police Department, the incident began when Isaac stopped King on Gemini Boulevard due to a broken break light. King initially rolled down the window and presented the officer with her license. The officer repeatedly asked for the vehicle's registration, but King insisted she did not know where it was, according to the video.

After scanning King's information, Isaac returned to the vehicle where King refused to roll her window fully down.

"Why do you need the window all the way down?" King said, in the video.

"For my safety," Isaac responded.

Isaac then asked King to step out of the vehicle, which she then refused to do.

King then rolled the window back up as another officer reported to the scene. Isaac warned King that he would need to break the window if she did not roll it down or exit the vehicle.

After multiple warnings, the officer broke the window and forced King out of the car and on to the ground where she was handcuffed.

"She rolled up the window on my hand," Isaac later said in the video.

King, 26, was then arrested and charged with resisting arrest. King filed a complaint against the officer soon after the incident.

King has previously been a student at UCF, but is not currently enrolled in classes, UCF PD public information officer Courtney Gilmartin confirmed.

Since then, King has declined two plea deals, in which she would have avoided jail time, according to WESH 2 News.

This is an ongoing report and will be updated as more information is obtained.

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