The 2014 UCF Senate race was the first SGA election without pizza and voter turnout diminished from last year's race.


The 2014 UCF SGA Senate race has concluded with a 43.9 percent decrease in voter turnout.

This year there were 2,948 votes, a 2,307-vote drop from last year. This was the first SGA election where candidates were not allowed to distribute pizza or other non-informational items.

The highest voter turnout was from the College of Sciences, which had more than 500 people vote per seat.

The race finished Wednesday with 53 of the 61 available seats being filled.

The winners are as follows:

College of Arts and Humanities
Seat 1: Kevin Diatezua
Seat 2: Alanna Fulk
Seat 3: Sara Gomez
Seat 4: Irina Pidberejna

College of Buisness Administaration
Seat 1: Michelle Mendez
Seat 2: Thomas Huang
Seat 3: Brandon Weppner
Seat 4: Vanessa Gomez
Seat 5: Rechelle Lambert
Seat 6: Kelly Greenwood
Seat 7: Benjamin DeStefano
Seat 8: Brian Quintero-Pino

College of Education and Human Performance
Seat 1: Audra Greuel
Seat 2: Brian Zagrocki
Seat 3: Christina Stoecker
Seat 4: Jamie Corey

College of Engineering & Computer Science
Seat 1: Crystian Cepeda
Seat 2: Hamilron Ervin
Seat 3: Lashell Lewis
Seat 4: Ashear Saad
Seat 5: Jimmy Briggs
Seat 6: Nick George
Seat 7: Ariane Dicario

College of Graduate Studies
Seat 1: Empty
Seat 2: Joshua Burbridge
Seat 3: Craig Jariz
Seat 4: Anthony Iaquinta
Seat 5: Empty
Seat 6: Empty
Seat 7: Empty
Seat 8: Sia Mohammadalipoor

College of Health and Public Affairs
Seat 1: Kaitlyn McCoy
Seat 2: Rebeca Twardy
Seat 3: Lauren Esposito
Seat 4: Madalyn Hart
Seat 5: Cara Gillaspie
Seat 6: Scott Benton
Seat 7: Victoria Benbow

Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Seat 1: Khari Grant
Seat 2: Rachel Altfield
Seat 3: Hannah Whipple

College of Medicine
Seat 1: Steve Njeru
Seat 2: Daniel Perez
Seat 3: Gerard Lemongello

College of Nursing
Seat 1: Empty
Seat 2: Jae Kook Lim

College of Sciences
Seat 1: Isel Bedgood
Seat 2: Caitlyn Zona
Seat 3: Nick Grandchamps
Seat 4: Jonathan Alexander Remy
Seat 5: Jessica Wolff
Seat 6: Alex Carciente-Moreno
Seat 7: Rodolfo Padilla
Seat 8: Jennifer Bayes
Seat 9: Meghan Kircher
Seat 10: Michelle Artilles

Undeclared Majors
Seat 1: Empty
Seat 2: Thomas Peterson

Regional Campus
Seat 1: Dillon Freeland
Seat 2: Empty

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