In order to remember Steven Sotloff, who was beheaded by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS, UCF Student Government Association passed a resolution in his memory last Thursday.

Sotloff was the second American beheaded in a video by ISIS. He was writing for Time magazine when he was captured in 2013. He also attended UCF from 2002 to 2004.

The resolution, which was passed in Sotloff's memory, was presented by Governmental Affairs Committee Vice Chair Joshua Burbridge. When he presented the resolution, he said that he wanted to memorialize the former UCF student because Sotloff would not be able to be memorialized by Eternal Knights, which only recognizes students who die while enrolled at UCF.

The resolution states that "Steven was a courageous journalist who consistently braved dangerous situations in order to gather important information." It also states that "UCF has suffered a great loss with the tragic and untimely passing of Steven; and … the UCF community shall always remember Steven with honor and respect."

Resolutions in SGA are created to represent what the UCF student body would want. They pertain to anything that affects or could affect UCF. This resolution will be presented to Sotloff's family.

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