Kappa Sigma has been placed on organizational suspension after some of its members allegedly attacked a member of Lambda Chi Alpha.

On Sept. 19, both fraternities took buses downtown for a night out that ended in reported violence, according to an incident report from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Two members of Lambda Chi boarded a bus to take them back to UCF only to realize they had boarded the wrong bus — Kappa Sigma's bus.

The men tried to exit the bus, but were confronted by a Kappa Sigma member sitting in the front row. When the men again attempted to exit, another Kappa Sigma member grabbed one of them by the neck.

The Lambda Chi member claimed he was put in a headlock and punched repeatedly by members of Kappa Sigma, according to the report. He was then allegedly pinned down and punched several times in the right side of his face. The Lambda Chi member is unsure who attacked him, but said he is certain they were Kappa Sigma members.

The Lambda Chi members were able to escape the bus when their fraternity's brothers came to their aid, but that's when the Kappa Sigma bus drove away. The man who was beat up claims he did not provoke the Kappa Sigma members and plans to press charges.

Officer Luis Shaw of the Orlando Police Department, who responded to the incident, reported swelling and bruising on the alleged victim's face, as well as marks and scratches on his neck.

The man attacked reported the incident to his fraternity president who contacted the suspected attacker, who claimed he grabbed the Lambda Chi member to "protect" him, which the Lambda Chi member said is not true.

In addition to being placed on organizational suspension, Kappa Sigma is to have no contact with Lambda Chi Alpha.

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