For UCF's current education majors, Florida might not be such a bright state for their future careers.

In honor of International World Teachers Day on Oct. 5, WalletHub recently released an analysis of 2014's best and worst states for teachers. Florida's ranking wasn't so bright, coming in at No. 44 overall out of 51 on the list, which included the District of Columbia. Florida also ranked No. 38 in the opportunity and competition category and No. 41 in the academic and work environment category.

To come up with these numbers, WalletHub examined 18 different metrics, including public school spending per student, teacher job openings per capita, pupil-to-teacher ratio and unemployment rate, as well as other categories, according to WalletHub's website.

Here's how Florida ranked, according to an email from WalletHub, in some of the other categories:

-No. 21 in average starting salaries

-No. 26 in unemployment rate

-No. 27 in pupil-to-teacher ratio

-No. 40 in median annual salaries

-No. 47 in 10-year change in teacher salaries

-No. 47 in public school spending per student

-No. 47 in safest schools

-No. 48 in percentage of population ages 5 to 17 by 2030

UCF's education program also recently received a less-than-favorable ranking earlier this year when it was ranked as one of the worst education programs in the U.S. in regard to return on investment.

PayScale, an online salary, benefits and compensation company, conducted research for an article that ran in The Atlantic earlier this year.

According to that article, UCF's education program has a -$132,000 net return for education majors.

UCF's education majors are within the university's College of Education of Human Performance, which boasted a population of 5,567 in the spring 2014 semester, according to documents provided by UCF Police Department public information officer Courtney Gilmartin.

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