An altercation outside of Millican Hall on Friday left one UCF student permanently disfigured, and another UCF student behind bars.

Matthew Cody Shehorn, a 19-year-old UCF student, and 19-year-old Ryan Hunter Deprisco each face one count of felony battery for their actions in the violence.

The incident began when the victim accidentally stepped on another man's hand, and a fight ensued, said UCF Police Department public information officer Courtney Gilmartin in an email.

Eyewitnesses told UCF police officer Timothy Isaacs that during the fight, the victim's head was repeatedly kicked and stomped into the stairs. The report says that the victim was knocked unconscious, was bleeding and had broken and cracked teeth.

Bystanders feared for the victim's life due to the force of the strikes, the police report states. The victim had pools of blood near him, and his face was also swollen and had visible contusions from the fight.

Multiple bystanders tried to stop the beating, and eventually the four suspects fled on foot. While four men were suspects in the incident, it was later determined that two of the men were merely bystanders and didn't actively participate in the attack.

"UCF Police were notified of the altercation almost immediately and were able to apprehend the four suspects," Gilmartin said in an email. "Shehorn and Deprisco were later arrested."

After speaking with detectives at the hospital, the victim said he wanted to press charges against the suspects.

"The victim is out of the hospital, on the road to recovery and speaking with detectives," Gilmartin said. "The investigation remains open as UCFPD pursues charges with the state."

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