A husband and wife team of archaeologists from UCF needs help to win an international competition for the work that they've done at a site in Belize called Caracol.

Arlen and Diane Chase are both professors at UCF's Department of Anthropology and have been working on the site for the last two decades. The Caracol is competing in a month-long tournament called ArchaeoMadness, where sites from all over the world go head-to-head to compete for a grand prize in celebration of International Archaeology Day on Oct. 18.

The UCF-assisted site will be going up against a formidable competitor called Angkor Wat in the championship round on Friday.

The Angkor Wat site, found in Cambodia, has been excavated and worked on by universities from Australia, Europe and the U.S. Its international standing means it will have a wide range of voter support from all over the world.

To help support this UCF team, you can click here. Voting ends on Friday.

Professor Arlen Chase believes that with help from the large UCF community the team can win the top spot in ArchaeoMadness.

"It will be difficult to muster the support to overcome [Angkor Wat's] voting block. But, with enough UCF student support, it could be done on Friday," he said.

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