UCF Kappa Sigma Fraternity's interim suspension status was lifted on Thursday, and a new hearing will be scheduled.

The 2014-2015 Golden Rule Student Handbook states that the Director of Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities may accept the hearing panel's finding of "in violation" or "not in violation" or remand the case for rehearing.

The fraternity's case has been remanded for a rehearing because there were technical difficulties with the video recording of the hearing, said Dana Juntunen, assistant dean of students and executive director, in an email to the fraternity.

Kappa Sigma's status is lifted in the meantime until a finding is decided.

"The no contact order between Lambda Chi Fraternity and Kappa Sigma Fraternity is still in effect until further notice," Juntunen said in the email.

On Sept. 19, Kappa Sigma and Lambda Chi took buses downtown for a night out that ended in alleged violence, according to an incident report from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Heading back to UCF, two members of Lambda Chi boarded the wrong bus – Kappa Sigma's bus – and were confronted and allegedly attacked by a Kappa Sigma member.

Kappa Sigma was placed on organizational interim suspension following the incident and was charged on two counts of disruptive conduct, and three counts of harmful behavior.

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