The 20-year-old son of an Oviedo murder victim has officially been charged with second degree homicide, Seminole County deputies said.

Joshua Ortiz, who resides about a mile north of the UCF campus off Lockwood Boulevard, disappeared shortly following his mother's death on Sunday after deputies found the woman dead in the home. Deputies say the man disappeared with his mother's car, which launched a multi-state search for the vehicle.

A release from the Seminole County Sheriff's Office states that a 911 call was placed for Jacqueline Ortiz, 45, but deputies found the woman dead upon arrival. No information has been released as to who placed the 911 call.

The woman lived with her son, who deputies say had a history of violence and suicidal statements. A past arrest report shows violence between Joshua Ortiz and his mother, with one indicating that the man hit her during an argument. During that incident, Joshua Ortiz was a minor and was transported to a juvenile detention center on charges of battery.

Authorities discovered Joshua Ortiz and the missing vehicle in Maryland the following day. Police in Howard County, Maryland, apprehended the man and charged him with grand theft auto.

SCSO deputies traveled to Maryland to meet with the man Wednesday and he has since been charged with second degree homicide.

Deputies have not released any additional information. However, UCF officials have confirmed Joshua Ortiz is not a UCF student.

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