Instead of trash-talking at Saturday's homecoming game, Student Government Association hopes students will talk about trash.

The Environmental Protection Agency's annual GameDay Recycling Challenge is being held as a joint effort between SGA and UCF Recycles at tomorrow's game against Temple.

The GameDay Challenge "invites colleges and universities across the nation to compete to see which school will produce the least amount of waste in their stadiums and tailgate areas," according to a press release.

National winners will be recognized in two categories: the total amount of trash that's been recycled, composted and donated, and the total amount that was diverted from the landfill.

Last year, UCF ranked third nationally after collecting 17.82 tons of recycled goods, according to UCF Today.

If being recognized by the EPA isn't incentive enough, SGA is also offering prizes to conscious tailgaters: recycling-themed tank tops.

"On the front they look like a plastic grocery bag and it says, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you' and then on the back it says, 'BYOB: Bring Your Own Bags,' said Emily Dovydaitis, Health & Sustainability coordinator for SGA.

SGA will be handing out recycling bags with fliers attached detailing what can be recycled.

"If you and your group of friends take one of the blue recyclable bags and you bring it back filled, you'll get a free tank top," said Jarell Jones, director of communications for SGA.

While the GameDay Challenge is meant to make the recycling effort fun through friendly competition, it is also meant to raise awareness.

"[It] requires us to invest our efforts in educating tailgaters on what and where to recycle ... and also why it's important," Alexandra Kennedy, coordinator of Facilities Operations, said in an email.

Through this challenge, Dovydaitis hopes tailgaters will become more conscious of their impact.

"One of my goals is to encourage a culture on campus that favors sustainability and encourages students to make thoughtful decisions about the environment," Dovydaitis said.

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