For the first time, hundreds of students gathered Friday night at Memory Mall with blankets and good company to watch a fireworks show as part of UCF Homecoming Week.

"Fireworks don't happen very often," senior biomedical sciences major Mason Fortuno said. "I think it's really cool and we have a good setup for it."

At 9:30 p.m., students were intrigued as the first round of fireworks set off, overlooking Garage D.

Along with each song played by the DJs, a different set of fireworks went off, including gold glitters and rainbow sparklers.

Senior sports and exercise science major Katie Cerillo said a cool aspect of the fireworks idea is that it attracts the outside community, such as alumni and family, so it's fun for everybody.

"I've been to some Homecoming events and I think the fireworks display is a really good idea. It's also neat that the UCF community can unite and have fun," Cerillo said.

While the last set of fireworks were displayed about 10 minutes later, students started to applaud and chant as they gathered their belongings and headed out for the night.

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