Update: Palm Beach County Chief Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath on Friday sentenced Wellington polo club founder John Goodman to 16 years in prison, reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

Nearly five years after killing UCF graduate Scott Patrick Wilson, South Florida polo mogul John Goodman now faces up to 16 years in prison.

Goodman was found guilty of DUI manslaughter and second-degree vehicular homicide with failure to render aid in a fatal crash that led to Wilson's death. He was previously found guilty in 2012, however, a judge threw out the verdict due to juror misconduct and ordered a retrial.

In February 2010, Goodman's Bentley convertible, traveling at 63 mph, crashed into Wilson's Hyundai Sonata in Wellington. The crash resulted in the death of the engineering grad, who drowned after his Sonata flipped into a canal due to the impact of the crash.

Evidence during the trial showed that Goodman had hit a bar just hours before the crash, and was driving with a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit.

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