Students should take extra precautions if their Halloween plans involve drinking, as UCFPD is intensifying its DUI enforcement this week.

"If students' Halloween plans involve drinking, we want them to do so responsibly, safely and legally," UCF Police public information officer Courtney Gilmartin said in a release. "Don't leave getting home safely to chance; elect someone whom you trust to stay sober as your designated driver, or plan on taking a cab."

The increased enforcement will include additional officers on patrol leading up to Halloween in an effort to keep drunken drivers off the road. Gilmartin said the department hopes that the extra officers will serve as a reminder to students to think before they drink and never get behind the wheel if they are impaired.

"A DUI does more than ruin your good time; drunk driving can harm or kill others, and a DUI is a criminal offense and a violation of UCF's Golden Rule," Gilmartin said.

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