Video: Get Out the Vote Rally. Former Florida governor Charlie Crist and former President Bill Clinton at UCF for Get Out the Vote Rally


"We've got two huge problems in America — political dysfunction and educational and health care inequality," said former President Bill Clinton at Charlie Crist's final Get Out the Vote Rally at UCF on Monday night.

Hundreds of people, many of them students, squeezed into The Venue behind the CFE Arena to see Clinton support Crist's campaign for Florida governor. The buzzing crowd waved signs that read "Knights for Crist," while a huge banner read, "We [heart] Bill."

In a brief — less than two-minute — introduction, Crist told the crowd, "I'm on your side," before Clinton took the stage.

"Grow together and work together is the formula for your future," Clinton said.

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The former president mentioned that most people have no earthly idea that UCF is one of the country's largest four-year colleges, and said that the university plays a significant role in stimulating the economy.

Clinton said that the research money UCF uses to fund start-ups turns into new research, new money and new jobs, making the university an example of a system that grows and works together.

"We need the working model that UCF follows … to be the working model the state government follows," Clinton said. "We're going to work together and grow together. That's what Charlie Crist means to you."

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Florida Rep. Joe Saunders, Sen. Bill Nelson and Attorney General George Sheldon were among others who endorsed Crist at the rally.

"We sit in the crossroads of important decisions that will be made about our environment, important decisions that will be made over the next four years about women's right to choose, important decisions that will be made about the minimum wage," said Saunders, a UCF alumnus. "But for me, and I hope for you, there's no greater issue than the civil rights movement of our generation — the fight for equality in the state of Florida."

Ray Harris, a freshman Aerospace engineering major, had a different reason for supporting Crist.

"I feel like, as a college student, the most important issue is tuition," Harris said. "It doesn't make sense to go to college, graduate and then pay loans for the rest your life."

Fredrico Alves, a Crist supporter from Clearwater, said that raising the minimum wage is one of the most important issues to him.

"Seven dollars just isn't enough," he said.

Crist and his running mate Annette Taddeo encouraged attendees to bring five other people to vote in Tuesday's election. Alves said that he will make sure all of his friends and everyone in his neighborhood votes.

To learn more about voting in tomorrow's election, go to

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