Before heading to the election polls Tuesday, there are a few things that voters should know can get them into legal trouble.

Breaking these Florida statutes is a misdemeanor:

1. Supporters and opposition can not solicit inside or within 100 feet of the entrance of a polling placing.

All of those supporters who are holding signs and still trying to convince voters which way to vote can't be within 100 feet of the entrance of a polling place. All polling precincts will have an area marking 100 feet. And while most voters may think this only applies to those working on a campaign, it also applies to voters waiting in line. So make sure not to get too openly opinionated with strangers.

2. No photography is allowed in a polling room.

This means voters can't take a selfie with their ballot or snap a picture of it to show to their Facebook friends and tweeps. So if you write in a funny name for governor and take a snapshot, beware. Your joke could have serious consequences.

3. If there is a violation of a voting statute, a sheriff can apprehend a violator.

If someone decides to break one of these statutes, a sheriff can "exercise strict vigilance" to figure out who is violating election laws and apprehend them.

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4. If a voter receives an absentee ballot, they have to take it with them to a polling place.

If a voter received an absentee ballot in the mail, they have to take it to a polling place with them if they decide to vote in person. Otherwise, it could be perceived that the person is voting twice.

5. A voter must go to their own polling precinct.

Polling precincts are based on a voter's registered voting address. So make sure you don't show up to the wrong place. For a laugh and an easy way to figure out your polling location, visit this unique voting site.

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