UCF and the University of Florida have teamed up to explore the bridge between the virtual and physical worlds through researching smart systems.

Research conducted through the Multi-functional Integrated System Technology (MIST) Center explores the position the Internet will play in the future and how personal electronics such as smartphones will impact society and the economy.

"The MIST Center will serve as a nexus for pre-competitive, industry-driven research that will help train students and shape the smart systems of tomorrow," said UCF MIST director Jiann-Shiun Yuan in a press release. Yuan is a professor in UCF's Electrical and Computer Engineering division.

MIST will be funded $880,000 from the National Science Foundation and about $4 million from government and strategic research sectors.

The MIST faculty comprises about 30 members including professors from several engineering disciplines including biomedical, electrical, mechanical and aerospace.

MIST will hold its inaugural meeting in Gainesville in December. For more information, visit

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