Not long ago, UCF was merely a blip on the face of higher education, but now it's being ranked as one of the best universities on the face of the planet.

In its "Best Global Universities Rankings," U.S. News and World Report ranked the 500 best universities from all over the world, including the U.S. and nearly 50 other countries. At No. 416, UCF comes in behind the University of South Florida, which was No. 299; Florida State University, No. 172; and the University of Florida, No. 53.

To determine the inaugural top 500 global universities, U.S. News and World Report started with a pool of 750 universities from 49 different countries.

Only those landing in Thomson Reuter's global reputation survey's top 200, and those with the most published articles in the past five years, would be considered for the pool.

From there, 10 indicators were used to determine the top 500 global universities, including the number of highly cited papers, international collaboration and the number of Ph.D.s awarded.

Overall, UCF received a global score of 31.9, compared with the No. 1 global university, Harvard, which had a global score of 100. Some rankings are occupied by several universities. Last place, for example, is claimed by five universities all ranked at No. 496, including Kyung Hee University in South Korea, Quaid I Azam University in Pakistan, Université de Lorraine in France, University of Jyväskylä in Finland and University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

Top 10 universities in the world:

1. Harvard University

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3. University of California – Berkeley

4. Stanford University

5. University of Oxford

6. University of Cambridge

7. California Institute of


8. University of California – Los Angeles

9. University of Chicago

10. Columbia University

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