The Kappa Sigma Fraternity at UCF has decided to appeal its organizational probation.

"Based on first-hand accounts from members of both fraternities that were involved in or observed the incident, the stated violations of university policy and our review of the stated punitive sanctions, we are appealing the punitive sanctions as being overly stringent in their duration and nature," stated Kappa Sigma president Danny Grewal in a letter to Maribeth Ehasz, the vice president of Student Development and Enrollment Services.

The organization was originally placed on interim suspension for its role in an altercation with Lambda Chi Alpha. At a rehearing, the organization was then put on restrictive organizational probation through fall 2015, and was found in violation of disruptive conduct and harmful behavior.

The probation stemmed from an incident that occurred on Sept. 19. Kappa Sigma and Lambda Chi took buses downtown for a night out that ended in alleged violence, according to an incident report from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Heading back to UCF, two members of Lambda Chi boarded the wrong bus — Kappa Sigma's bus — and were confronted and allegedly attacked by a Kappa Sigma member. Kappa Sigma was placed on organizational interim suspension following the incident and was charged with two counts of disruptive conduct, and three counts of harmful behavior.

While on restrictive organizational probation, the fraternity cannot host or participate in any social or mixers for the remainder of the fall 2014 term, said Dana Juntunen, assistant dean of students and executive director of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, in a letter to the fraternity. All activities through summer 2015 must also be alcohol-free if the appeal is denied.

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