For UCF students topping their New Year's resolutions with "find a boyfriend" or "find a girlfriend," you may be in luck.

Orlando has been ranked the 15th best city in the nation for singles who are seeking that special someone. A study conducted by WalletHub, a personal finance website, shows that the City Beautiful came out ahead in terms of its dating scene, and is the only Florida city in the top 20.

The study weighs the costs of dating, such as restaurant prices and beauty salon rates, along with job growth, available singles in the area, dating opportunities and nightlife, among other factors.

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WalletHub broke its study down into two categories: "The Economics of Dating" and "Romance and Fun." Cities across the nation were compared and each were ranked in both of these categories, but also given an overall rank. Orlando ranked No. 71 in the Economics of Dating category and No. 11 in the Romance and Fun Category.

Out of the 150 cities on the list, a handful of other Florida cities made the cut, but didn't score quite as high as Orlando. Tampa came in at No. 21, while Fort Lauderdale and Tallahassee scored spots as a No. 28 and No. 44, respectively.

Of the cities named the "worst" spots for dating, the second half of the list included St. Petersburg (No. 85), Jacksonville (No. 100), Pembroke Pines (No. 103), Miami (No. 114), Cape Coral (No. 127), Port St. Lucie (No. 131) and Hialeah (No. 149).

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The top 20 cities included:

20. Portland, Oregon

19. Des Moines, Iowa

18. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

17. Saint Paul, Minnesota

16. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

15. Orlando, Florida

14. Seattle, Washington

13. Lexington, Kentucky

12. Columbus, Ohio

11. Colorado Springs, Colorado

10. Raleigh, North Carolina

9. Minneapolis, Minnesota

8. Reno, Nevada

7. Salt Lake City, Utah

6. Omaha, Nebraska

5. Lincoln, Nebraska

4. Austin, Texas

3. Denver, Colorado

2. Madison, Wisconsin

1. Boise, Idaho

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