It's no secret that UCF offers a plethora of resources to its students. But could these resources come in handy now that resolutions are being made and goals are being set? Absolutely.

TheCentral Florida Future has researched ways UCF can help you with your New Year's resolutions, and better yet, how the university can help you for free.

Get in shape:

This one is a given. The Recreation and Wellness Center is the perfect place to get those workouts into high gear. For those just kicking off their journey into the fitness scene, start with a free assessment so you can find out exactly where you stand. The RWC offers three different kinds of assessments: a general assessment for beginners, an athletic assessment for those looking to push themselves further and a functional movement assessment for those who want to make sure their body is moving optimally. The assessment office is located on the first floor of the RWC, near the basketball courts.

Not all of us can be gym rats right away, though. For those who look like a deer in the headlights when they enter the gym on campus, try out a group exercise class to ease your way in. The RWC offers a myriad of classes from Barre to kickboxing, yoga, Zumba and spinning.

Find peace:

Struggling with some personal problems or just need some guidance? Don't be afraid to utilize Counseling and Psychological Services at UCF. CAPS offers assessments, individual counseling, group counseling, couples counseling and crisis counseling to UCF students free of charge.

"Individual sessions are offered on a short-term basis, often every other week. Fee for services is covered by the tuition that you pay for that semester," the CAPS website states.

Couples counseling, on the other hand, does not have to be between two individuals in a marital or premarital relationship, it can be between friends or even roommates, the website states. However, both individuals must be UCF students to be eligible for these counseling services.

Group counseling options change every semester, but in the past CAPS has offered groups such as a body wellness group, a group to help form authentic connections with others, a group for black female students, a questioning and coming out group and a success coaching group, among many others.

Quit Smoking:

Trying to kick a smoking habit isn't a walk in the park, and oftentimes takes a little bit more than self control. Sometimes smokers just need a special support system to get them on the right track. UCF Health Services will begin offering free cessation support for students and employees beginning Jan. 14 from noon to 1 p.m. at the Health Center. The program is six weeks long and includes nicotine replacement therapy.

"Additionally, you may be reimbursed up to $500 for your time if you qualify for a research opportunity," the UCF website states.

For more information, email

Get Better Grades:

Other than putting down the XBOX control or tuning off the Netflix, getting better grades can be a lofty goal. Sure, every semester starts off with a clean slate, but how do you keep it up? What many students don't know is that free tutoring and supplemental instruction is offered through the Student Academic Resource Center absolutely free of charge for students. If you're struggling with a class, don't be bashful – give SARC a try.

If writing is your downfall, UCF can help in that department as well. The University Writing Center offers consultations for students who need some assistance writing papers or getting feedback before they turn in a big assignment. Consultation help students understand the assignment requirements, develop ideas, plan and organize writing, document sources and proofread, according to the UWC website.

Consultations can be requested and scheduled online.

Plan for the Future:

Get bombarded with questions from your family over the break? "What are you going to do after graduation?" "What's your plan?" "What do you expect to do with that major?"

Stop rolling your eyes and take some action so that visiting home feels less like Jeopardy and more like a vacation.

To get those plans for the future rolling, UCF has some resources to help guide your way. Can I get Career Services and Experiential Learning for $500, Alex?

Career Services can help you ween down a major, get your resume together, help prepare you for interviews and even get you a job. The department offers peer advisors and career counselors to help get you on your way.

Over at the Office of Experiential Learning, you can get help landing an internship or co-op. You can sign up for a consultation with a counselor to get one-on-one attention absolutely free. And for those anxious to get started, now is the perfect time. The spring internship and co-op fair is scheduled for Feb. 11 in the Pegasus Ballroom from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. So drop by Career Services and get that resume ready, throw on some professional attire and grab that dream job by the horns.

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