We've all seen the famous Doritos commercials that air during the Super Bowl. Well, imagine if one of those commercials was made from one of our own former Knights.

UCF 2004 radio-television graduate, Brian Kleinschmidt, entered a video commercial, titled "Mis-Spelling Bee," in the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest, according to UCF Today.

He is now one of 10 finalists competing for the $1 million grand prize that will be up to voters around the world to decide.

In the video, two final contestants purposely misspell each word in attempt to win the second-place award, which is a supply of Doritos, instead of the spelling bee championship price.

With the help of Kleinschmidt's friends and family, the commercial was shot at a community theater in just a couple days for under $500.

Kleinschmidt, as well as the other nine finalists, will be at the Feb. 1 game in Arizona, where the winning commercial will be announced live.

To vote for Kleinschmidt's entry, visit: Vote 4 Mis-Spelling Bee

Votes have the chance to cast a ballot once a day through Jan. 28.

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