Trevor Colbourn, the second president of UCF – the man the UCF community has to thank for its name and football team – died Monday in Winter Park at the age of 87.

UCF was previously known as Florida Technological University when Colbourn became present in 1978, succeeding Charles Millican. After recognizing how much the university had grown, Colbourn renamed the institution that same year to the University of Central Florida.

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During his tenure, Colbourn created an honors program, known today as the Burnett Honors College, as well as established UCF's football program in 1979, which blossomed into the UCF Knights we know today.

"Trevor blazed trails for UCF, from giving us our name to the leap of faith that led to a nationally prominent football program," UCF President John C. Hitt said in a release.

Even after retiring as president in 1988, Colbourn remained active as a history teacher and the university's historian.

To honor Colbourn, the UCF Humanities and Fine Arts Building was renamed to Colbourn Hall in 2001.


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