It's not often those of us down here on Earth have the chance to catch a glimpse of an asteroid and comet in the same night.

But on Monday, in addition to the millions of stars that glitter through the night sky, UCF students will have the opportunity to witness this rare occurrence.

UCF will open its Robinson Observatory, located at 12727 Ara Drive on the main campus, to the public from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at no cost.

"It's a pretty unique opportunity for us in Orlando," said Yan Fernandez, director of the observatory and an associate professor of physics, in a release. "Both objects should be bright enough to see with our telescopes even with Orlando's light pollution. The asteroid in particular is quite interesting, so much so that I and some colleagues will be using telescopes in Hawaii and in Arecibo to study it next week as it continues its journey through our solar system."

Along with asteroid 2004 BL86 and C/2014 Q2 Comet Lovejoy, Jupiter and the moon will also be visible, weather permitting.

Make sure to check the weather before the event as rain or heavy clouds could cause cancellation.


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