Soap is complimentary when visiting a hotel, but some people have no access to soap, let alone a hotel.

Volunteer UCF is hoping to change this fact through its event, Soapy Saturday, which is being held on Jan. 24.

The event is at Clean the World, "an organization that recycles used hotel soap and sends it to areas with high death rates due to hygiene-related illnesses," according to the Knight Connect page.

It will be held from 8:15 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. and volunteers are encouraged to wear clothes that can get dirty as well as bring along a new bar of soap to donate.

Shelby Anderson, VUCF's health director, will lead the group, which will meet at the Lake Claire Pavilion at 8:15 a.m., and will then carpool to the event.

"Clean the World is an organization where they communicate with hotels in our community, and globally, about recycling used soap products: bar soap, bottled soap, bottled lotions, anything like that. Hotels will ship the leftovers back over to Clean the World…and we help sort through the bottles and put them in the right categories. [We] sanitize [them] and put [them] back into our community and even send [them] all over the world to help those who are in need of extra hygiene products," Anderson said.

UCF students can sign up through the Knights Connect page and are asked to fill out and bring a Clean the World waiver.

"We have about seven people signed up and we were hoping for 15, but [we want] as many volunteers as possible," Anderson said.

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