The UCF College of Business announced this morning that it would field student complaints and suggestions via Twitter.

Tweets tagged with #FixUCFBusiness will be reviewed by the administrative staff of the College of Business, according to a press release sent by the college's dean, Dr. Paul Jarley.

The initiative was started as a result of a student complaint about a lack of seating in her Finance 3504 class. The student sent her complaint to the university's president, Dr. John C. Hitt, who forwarded it to Provost Dr. A. Dale Whittaker, who forwarded it to Dean Jarley. The finance class in question was not under the aegis of the College of Business, so Jarley forwarded the email to the dean of the College of Engineering.

In total, the complaint reached six members of the school's administrative staff before being received by the correct administrator.

Jarley wrote in the press release that he hoped #FixUCFBusiness would help make the complaint process more efficient.

"So, if your chairs squeak or are broken, something in the room just doesn't work or you got an idea about how to improve BA1 or BA2, let us know via Twitter by using #FixUCFBusiness," Jarley wrote. "I can't promise an immediate fix in all instances, but I do promise we will get back to you promptly about what we can or cannot do.

"Let's give Dr. Hitt and Provost Whittaker more time to focus on improving our budget, getting us more faculty, strengthening our academic programs and transforming us into the next generation university."


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