Students with sensitive stomachs may want to avoid UCF's Free Speech Area tomorrow.

The Center of Bio-Ethical Reform is bringing its graphic abortion display to the grassy area in front of the John C. Hitt Library Monday through Wednesday.

The display, which is meant to educate students about abortion, is part of CBR's Genocide Awareness Project.

"Showing photos of the victims of abortion may make some people uncomfortable, and that's because of the nature of abortion: It's a gruesome, bloody procedure that ends the life of an innocent human," said Devorah Gilman, CBR spokeswoman. "If the pictures of the act of abortion are so offensive, wouldn't it follow that the act itself is even more offensive?"

The large photomural display compares historical genocide, such as the Holocaust, with what the group refers to as a contemporary genocide.

"Throughout history, social reformers have used images of injustice to show both the humanity of the victim and the inhumanity of the injustice they sought to end," Gilman said. "GAP does the same, by showing the humanity of the pre-born child and the inhumanity of abortion."

The GAP mural has been displayed more than 200 times at nearly 75 universities and a number of urban areas across the United States. CBR partners with a team of pro-life students who stand by the display and engage in respectful dialogue with interested passers-by.

"Our goal is to change minds and save lives — and we see abortion victim photography accomplish that time and again," Gilman said.


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