UCF might have made the top 100 public universities in the nation, but it trails other major Florida universities at No. 83.

In a ranking released by The Business Journals, the University of South Florida (No. 63), New College (No. 50), Florida State (No. 31) and the University of Florida (No. 7) beat out UCF.

Of the 484 public universities in the United States that were analyzed, the top 250 were ranked in numerical order and the last 234 in alphabetic order. The only two Florida schools to be listed among the last 234 are Florida Atlantic University and Gulf Coast. The lowest-ranked Florida school in the top 250 is the University of West Florida.

To create the list, The Business Journals considered six categories — selectivity, advancement, prestige, costs, diversity and community — as well as 17 other factors.

Sitting at No. 1 is the University of Michigan with an admission rate of 33.26 percent and retention rate of 96.88 percent.

Michigan received five stars in every category except cost, with the average net price for undergrads on scholarship at $15,939.

"The highest marks went to schools with highly selective admissions processes, strong retention and graduation rates, prestigious reputations, affordable tuitions and housing costs, diverse faculties and student bodies, and economically robust communities," the website states.

The schools were awarded stars, with a possible five-star rating, for each of the six categories. UCF was given five stars for selectivity, four stars for advancement, three stars for prestige, three stars for cost, three stars for diversity and two stars for community. The university currently holds an admission rate of 48.94 percent and a retention rate of 87.11 percent.

Although the percentage of male and female students is fairly even, at 45.57 percent and 54.43 percent, respectively, more than half of the student population is white, with only about 20 percent Hispanic, 10 percent black and 5 percent Asian.

Top 10 public universities in the nation:

1. University of Michigan

2. University of North Carolina

3. University of Virginia

4. College of William and Mary

5. University of California-Berkeley

6. University of California-Los Angeles

7. University of Florida

8. University of Maryland

9. University of Washington

10. University of Wisconsin


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