The Lake Claire Trail covers almost 1.5 miles on UCF's campus, or roughly enough space for humans and animals alike to make a decent mess.

Volunteer UCF, which has adopted part of the trail, hosts a bi-weekly cleanup effort to keep this area sustained.

This Wednesday, as part of the Healthy Knights Wellness Challenge, administrators from the Office of Student Involvement will be joining volunteers in making an impact.

"It's a great way for students to get out there and it's an easy way to volunteer on campus because it is bi-weekly so students can just go out and help clean up the trail ..." said Vy Nguyen, VUCF environment director. " ... No one else really takes care of the trail so it's a great way to beautify campus and get involved."

Those interested in volunteering should arrive at the CFE Arena at 8:45 a.m. Because the activity takes place outdoors, it is recommended that volunteers wear comfortable clothing, closed-toe shoes and bring a water bottle.

"We start at the beginning of the trail … because behind the Towers there are large trash bins and raccoons usually go in there at night and rummage for food," Nguyen said. "[They] leave the lids open so what will happen is that wind will carry the trash into the trail and that's where most of the trash is."

The rest of the trail isn't trash free, but Nguyen says students can help by just being conscious of putting their waste in the garbage cans located around the trail.


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