On Tuesday, candidates Brian Zagrocki & Alex Bennett and Cait Zona & Jarell Jones announced their candidacy for student body president (Zagrocki, Zona) and student body vice president (Bennett, Jones). The Central Florida Future caught up with the candidates to discuss their campaign plans.

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Central Florida Future: Your campaign slogan is, "A new day. A new knight." What exactly does that mean to you?

Zagrocki: Essentially, we think there is a disconnect between SGA and the rest of the student body, so what we're representing is a change for SGA, kind of like a new start for SGA.

Bennett: We feel like there are so many things that SGA offers and puts on for their students that no one ever really knows about or sometimes even cares about. We really want to rebrand that whole perspective of SGA and revamp the student experience.

CFF: How do you plan on strengthening the relations between SGA and the student body?

Zagrocki: I think it really comes down to making sure that we're better soliciting student input for what they want; the kind of services we can provide for them; making sure that we're doing a better job of getting those needs; working better with the different directors on campus; the different services that we provide through SDES [Student Development and Enrollment Services]; and making sure that SGA is partnering with them and promoting their services.

CFF: How do you plan on building students' trust?

Zagrocki: I think, honestly, it comes down to being accountable and being transparent. Making sure that everything we do, we do in light of the public. People know that we positively represent the student body in everything that we do just making sure, again, that we're a relatable figure for UCF and [that] they feel like we represent the student body to the highest potential.

CFF: Have you been involved with any student organizations on or off campus?

Zagrocki: I joined SGA at the beginning of the 46th [Senate] so I've been on it for a little over a year and a half now. I started out as the vice chair of the governmental affairs committee and then I moved up to deputy pro tempore, and then I just recently took the position of the governmental affairs committee chair. Outside of that, I also have a lot of involvement.

I am currently the president of my fraternity, it's the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, I also sit on the executive board of the president's leadership council where I serve as the project coordinator and I was on last year's Greek week exec board.

Bennett: I don't actually have any experience with SGA at UCF. I was very involved with SGA in my high school career. But since coming to UCF I got very involved in Greek life [as a member of Zeta Tau Alpha] and am now on the executive board for Panhellenic council.


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