Although UCF will not cut ties with its food supplier Aramark, The Humane League has declared victory for its recent petition against the largest U.S.-based good service company.

With 449 signatures, the petition closed Saturday, said Taylor Ford, Humane League campaign coordinators after new surfaced that Aramark, along with UCF Dining will be making the switch to cage-free eggs. This was a major concern in the petition, which was started about two weeks ago.

"We are happy to hear that UCF has plans to transition to 100 percent cage-free eggs at the earliest of the summer semester," Ford said. "As the second-largest university in the states, this is a move that will impact the lives of countless hens."

UCF spokesman Chad Binette said UCF has no plans to cut ties with Aramark in the future.

According to a press release on March 12, Aramark planned on implementing its new egg commitment in the United States by 2020 or sooner if supplies become available.

"UCF Dining has committed to switching to cage-free liquid eggs, and is working with Aramark and its suppliers to make the change as soon as possible," Binette said.

Binette said to expect the change by the start of the summer semester, depending on product availability.


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