After an alleged shooting near UCF's "Greek Ghetto," one witness says he fears for his life.

A heated argument among four men quickly turned violent, as witness Alexander Anderson said three of them pulled out guns near 3600 Khayyam Ave. The incident, which the Orange County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating, could have been gang related, as indicated in police reports.

Anderson said he heard one of the men shout "Brim Blood" before weapons were drawn in front of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house. Then, two of the men started running north bound past his house and jumped over a fence when a shot was fired by the men farther south. The running men shouted "We're going to kill you," the report states. Anderson told deputies the four men were black.

The witness said he recognized the man who fired as he's seen him around the neighborhood. However, he will not testify in court for fear of the safety of his family and himself.

Another witness, Colin Schotter, echoed Anderson's reports with some discrepancies.

Instead of four black men, he reported seeing three black men and a white man, who had a brown and white dog with him. From his balcony, he said he watched the scene unfold.

He described that the two black men farther south pulled out handguns and pointed them at the white man and black man, who began to run north. Schotter told deputies he heard one of the running black men yell something to the effect of "You're done now." He then saw the two black men farther south run and jump a fence in the neighborhood.

This detailed report comes just four days after OCSO tweeted there was "no credible report of shots fired." The tweet, which was soon corrected, was sent out by public information officer Jane Watrel based off "information she was receiving at the time."

" ... There was a credible threat and we wanted to make sure that the public we serve understands that we take all calls for service seriously and this call was no different," said OCSO P.I.O. Jeff Williamson.


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