Careful Knights, UCF police and Orange County Sheriff's deputies will be teaming up to crack down on drunken driving tonight.

The OCSO blood-alcohol testing trailer will be stationed near Bright House Networks Stadium on North Orion Boulevard as part of the enforcement efforts.

Officers will be poised to pull over drivers who are suspected of driving under the influence. Detained drivers will be asked to complete a roadside sobriety test, and those who fail will be taken to the trailer for a breath sample. If that test is failed, the driver will be transported to the Orange County Jail.

Police encourage students who plan to drink to do so responsibly. Keep an eye on your drinks, and don't accept drinks from people who you do not know or trust. Make plans to get home safely, whether by electing a friend to be the sober designated driver or by calling a cab.

"Never put lives at risk by getting behind the wheel if you've consumed alcohol, and don't let your friends make that mistake," a release from the UCF PD states.


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